Sewing and Edge Stich Essay

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How to sew a hidden button stand:
Right side of the shirt
1. To begin with from the center from measure your cms, in this case 3.2cm because of the hidden stand and you will need to an extra 3cm x 4.
2. On the right side, from the center front measure 3.2cm and press over so the wrong sides face each other.
3. Turn over to the wrong side, you should have 12cm, fold this in half so you will have 6cm invisible (tucked under) and 6cm will overlap.
4. From the wrong side measure half way through the 6cm and sew a straight line.
5. You should have on the wrong side 6cm tucked under 6cm with a stitch running through the middle and on the right side, a stitch running through the center from and 3.2cm beyond.
6. Now, steam iron on the wrong side with all the 3cms overlapping each other.

Left side of the shirt
1. From the center front, you should have 9cm. measure 3cm and press onto the wrong side.
2. On the wrong side you should have 6 cm, press this into half.
3. So you should have on the wrong side 3cm tucked under 3cm and on the right side, 3cm beyond the center front line,

How to sew a Shirt with a Yoke
1. To begin with sew the top shoulder seam together, the right sides of the yoke facing each other and sandwiching the front of the shirt between them. Sew a 1cm seam allowance.
2. Fold in the shirt so you can sew the yoke bottom half together. Sometimes due to the designer there are sometimes pleats on the back of the shirt. It is up to you if you want.
3. To turn the shit the right way around, from each armhole, pull the fabric through the neck.
4. Press all seams.
5. To begin start with one shoulder and sew a edge stich.
6. Sew another 1cm away from the previous stitch. Repeat this for the other shoulder and bottom of the yoke.
7. To finish off press down the seams.

Continuous binding
1. Place the right side together by opening the sleeve split open and over top of the binding. Both edges should line at either end