Sex Addiction Essay

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Sex Addiction





Amy Qualls

May 12, 2013


Addictions can come in many forms, but I will be focusing on sexual addiction. There are many ways to help people fight addiction such as counseling, or rehabilitation.

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Everyday in America, more people become addicted to sex. According to the National Association of Sexual Addiction Problems, “1 out of 17 people are addicted to sex.” Many people become addicted to it and do not even know it. “Sexual addiction is a progressive intimacy disorder characterized by compulsive sexual
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I would even try Yoga that also frees the mind even though you bend your body in awkward position it still requires you to breathe lightly in and out which in turn relaxes your body and calms your mind people want to know if sex is a real addiction, from the research I conducted I learned that it is not an addiction it comes from stress, shame, or anxiety. I always thought that it came from people that couldn't control their sexual urges I had no idea that it came from these elements of someones life. According to Rory Reid he is a neurological scientist he says that, "it is more about sex than an eating disorder is about food or a compulsive gambling is about money" that statement puts it all into perspective because no addiction is about the pleasure of getting what you want out of it.

There are many ways to seek help for any addiction but it really all comes down to if that person wants the help that is needed to help them fight the addiction. Rehabilitation is only one of the many treatments that will help people get over their addictions but also therapy and medication can be a substitute for rehabilitation but some rehab centers offer both of these which will ultimately heal the patient of his/her addiction.


In closing sex addiction can derive from many different emotional issues whether it is stress or shame. When it