Essay on Sex and Gender

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There are some major differences when it comes to sex and gender. Sex is the biological and anatomical differences between males and females. The primary differences are in the reproductive organs. The secondary differences are the anatomical features. Gender is the culturally and socially constructed differences between males and females found in the meanings, beliefs, and practices associated with ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity.’ In high school, I was obviously perceived as a female. I dressed somewhat girly and had long hair. I was a cheerleader, which is clearly one of the most feminine sports out there. I had a boyfriend all throughout high school, which was another indication that I was a female. Even though I did all of those things, I also played golf and drag raced. Golf is one of those sports that most people indicate as a male sport. Drag racing is definitely another thing that got people talking, especially when I was younger. Drag racing is such a manly sport and over 85% of participants at the time that I raced were boys. This percentage made it hard for me to have friendships with girls when I was younger. Today, I still have better relationships with my guy friends. This could have been because I was such a tomboy that my “gender identity” was questionable at that age. As I said before, growing up, I was a huge tomboy. When I was really young, I would ask for baby dolls and Barbie’s, but as I got older the things I asked for changed drastically. At the age of eight, when I first started to drag race, I began to want cars, guns, racing stuff, et cetera. My mom was not a fan of this idea at all and refused to buy or give me those things. My dad, on the other hand, did not see the problem in it since we were always out racing and