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Gerald Oetzel
Professor Lisa Raven
Sexuality in Cinema Today
14 November 2013

My Life In Pink: Transgender Identity Issues

Throughout the entire film Ludovic wants to be a female. From the start of the film he expresses that he wants to marry his neighbor Jorome. After his parents and the neighborhood finds out that Ludovic is serious about wanting to be a female they start to shun him.
It is too often in society today that we see transgender people being disassociated from our community. Early in the film we start to see Ludovic getting abuse for his differentness. After getting out of gym class, a few of his classmates threaten to pull of his penis and then continue to, beat him up. Although, this film was shot ten years ago, I think today this still would be the outcome in many cases. We need to be more socially acceptable to gay, bi, and lesbian people. As we see from the film, it is way harder for transgender people to fit in. I do not think Ludovic has any friends in the entire film except for Jorome.
Everyone struggles with identity at some point. This is why I think in the beginning of the film his parents were more acceptable of Ludovic acting girly and dressing up as a female. They thought he was just passing through a phase. He would not have struggled so much with fitting in if the community around Ludovic had supported him. In this case, he would have been much happier and most likely his family also. There was no toleration until the end of the film for being different. After struggling, the audience sees Ludovic trying to be masculine by kissing a girl. He gets denied and then the girl starts