Sex Discrimination In Uganda

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Have you ever been beaten, discriminated, imprisoned or hated because of the way you express yourself?. Well in Uganda homosexual men and women are experiencing these things everyday. According to Maria Burnett, Senior Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch; She stated that while homosexual sex is already illegal the proposed law would criminalize all homosexuality and punish them with a fine and life imprisonment (Burnett 1). Gay Rights are being violated in Uganda because homosexuality is against the law and people are being beaten and mentally abused because of their sexuality.

Since October 15, 2009 the Anti- Homosexuality bill has been in Uganda’s parliament. While homosexuality is already illegal, meaning unacceptable, the proposed law would criminalize all homosexuality. They would even make it punishable by paying a fine of probably a million dollars and also putting them in jail for the rest of their life. In the article, “Uganda: Promptly Investigate Killing Of Prominent LGBT Activist”, “The Anti- Homosexuality bill has already generated hatred before it has even been enacted and it should immediately be withdrawn by its author”. Basically the bill has already caused people to hate homosexuals before it even has been enforced. It is wrong when you are being discriminated because of your sexuality. Everyone is created equally, so no one should feel any different or better than someone else. According to Burnett, President Yoweri Museveni should reject the bill and tolerate divergent views of sexuality and protect vulnerable minorities. A change needs to happened and it needs to happen NOW because these people are tired of not living a normal life.

I believe that there is a problem when you cant act the way you feel. Why should you have to act the way someone else wants you to act? People in Uganda are probably asking the same thing. In Uganda anyone with knowledge of someone who is or might be a homosexual are asked to report that person top the police within 24 hours. In the article it stated