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Teens, Sex, and Public Schools
Reproduction in the human species is known as “sex” and this is a subject we should all be educated on. Sexual education is considered a lifetime process of gaining information and forming attitudes, viewpoints, and values to a person. It teaches us about sexual development, reproductive health, body image, interpersonal relationships, love, intimacy, and gender roles. Sex education discusses important features of reproduction, sexuality, and just growing up in general in a physical and emotional sense. How early should this issue be taught to the youth? To allow this subject within or not in schools is also still in question. This has been a controversy issue among citizens for a while now. We often end with overwhelming results when sex is experimented at such a young age; therefore, we should consider sex education in schools so children can be prepared with right to wrong answers before having sexual intercourse.
Schools take a big role all the children’s lives because they inform day by day the necessary subjects to students. Schools are where children spend about 80% of their time; from eight hours a day, for five days a week. Considering that school is a child’s second home, I believe they should provide the necessary information to educate a student in a worldwide issue, in this case sex. Sexuality comes natural to a children’s life; throughout the time it develops in a person’s mind and brain. Sometimes this subject develops too early in a child, allowing them to be curious and wanting to explore for themselves. This is where schools from junior high to high school should take place in educating the students. Considering that in junior high is where most teenagers start to be more opened minded, and they understand subjects better.
The time spend on teaching them over this subject would inform them a right perspective over sex. Teenage pregnancy is very common in our society and caused by insufficient sex education in various times. Teens will learn about sex one way or another, so why not have them learn in a safe and controlled environment. In our society today most young people are becoming more and more sexually active. Because of this, the risks of pregnancy in teens are crazily increasing. Teenage pregnancy is one of the main concerns in America and is a problem plaguing this country. “Of the approximately 750,000 teen pregnancies that occur each year, 82% are unintended.” ( 1) By teaching the statistics of what sex is about can help teens prevent these unplanned pregnancies. Most of the girls getting pregnant are naïve over the subject; they don’t know the consequences unprotected sex may cause because no one has explained the topic to them. It is disappointing to see how these young people who have their whole lives ahead of them are being affected for life by teen pregnancy. Teens need to be taught that they can have more for their future and a way they can assure that is remaining informed the correct way.

Many believe in the fact that sex education destroys the decency of people; they think that it teaches teens how to only have sexual intercourse. I in the other hand believe that sex education can be a good course to be taught in schools because it’s helpful in many different perspectives. Allowing students to be educated over protected sex may prevent primarily sexual diseases and teenage pregnancy. By being informed, teenagers can therefore know right from wrong at the correct moments. Most of us don’t recognize that many of the teens may be in the need of a parent to guide them through, and this is where a school should take into consideration in offering the right information to a student.
Most parents are absent during a teenager’s life due to too much working, etc. Others rather not touch the subject to their teens, thinking it will only influence teenagers to have sex. They rather let their kids learn on their own, because they think