Sex Education in Public Essay

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Sex Education in Public Schools When children are growing up, they will face many difficult and dangerous situations that include all aspects from their lives. Those could be the difficulty of choosing a university, the temptations of using drug, alcohol, and especially having sex. It is more dangerous if students do not know any information about sex. Therefore, sex education should be taught in public schools. Sex education should be employed in public schools because it provides students appropriate information. That includes not only the reliability of the information but also the way students get that information. First, when people decided to bring sex education to schools, they already have trained teachers who are well educated about sex education for students. Those specialists can give students all the useful information and are willing to answer exactly all the questions they might have about sex. As a result, students will not confuse and understand this topic deeply. On the contrary, if schools do not provide sex education, students can only rely on their parents who have many experiences, but not all parents are willing to talk with their children about sex nor have full understanding of sex education. The reasons might be vary, but mostly parents do not have time teaching their students, and vise versa students avoid talking about sex with their parents because they afraid that their parents would think that they want to have sex. Second, trained specialists know the way to provide the sensitive information. Teaching about sex treads on delicate ground so that it might make students feel embarrassed and avoid attending those classes, especially the girls. However, trained teachers will make it as less sensitive as they can, and students will feel more comfortable learning that subject. Consequently, students will have the information they need. Another reason that makes sex education should be taught in public schools is avoiding teen pregnancy and abortion. First, proving enough information for students will keep them from being pregnant at the early age. The fact is that teachers and parents can control their children at home or school, but they will not know what their children do out there. Since parents cannot keep their eyes on their children all the time, instead of forbidding students from having sex, people should teach them how to avoid pregnancy by contraception. For example, students should be introduced about using condoms and peels. In some cases, when they are so passionate in each other, they might forget the condom. However, they should know how about the peels that prevent having pregnancy after having sex. Furthermore, students should know about girls’ period, the reproductive organs, and human body functions. Providing them the information does not mean parents encourage students to have sex, but it helps students to avoid unwanted pregnancies. In addition, teachers are also help students to become responsible. Students will increase their awareness of abortion. This is a crime. People should not do that for any reasons. Less unwanted pregnancies results in less abortions. In brief, sex education should be taught in public schools because it helps students to avoid teen pregnancy and abortion. Avoiding bad health and severe diseases is the last reason that makes sex education should be included in public schools’ programs. First, learning about sex helps students to keep their bodies function efficiently and to live