Sex Sells Essay

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Sex sells, as media finally delves into Libya scandal Rather than focus on the ongoing war and other issues plaguing the middle east and ergo the united states the media continues to put a shallow mask on as it once again favors sexual scandal over legitimate and paramount news. This in particular focus’ on the recent CIA Scandal in which the director of the CIA was caught having an affair with his biographer. This is an excellent illustration of how the media in modern society is focused heavily on sexual disputes. The scandal was given more media and news overage than the biography itself.
4 Ways Social Media Can Enable Sex Addiction

The article discuss the idea of “sexual self promotion” as it claims that via the use of social media outlets it has become the norm to express oneself sexually over a variety of different mediums in an attempt to promote oneself. It also theorizes the possibility of this evolving is not more vulgar activities such as home videos of an explicit nature. The youth of today generally tend to sexual vulgarity in a less harsh light as it has become more widespread by both peers society

Sex in the Media: A New Study Finds Troubling Links to Teens

The article goes over the trouble teens have escaping the modern world of sexual innuendo. Ranging from video games to reality tv, to Hollywood blockbusters to erectile dysfunction commercials it seems there is no end to the sexual innuendo.

Stat #1 29% of U.S. teens identified television as their most important source of information about sex, up from 11% in 1986