Sexism In Society

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Sexism is a major issue all over the world and it is not just towards one gender, it is towards all genders. Sexism can be the social expectations men are forced to live up to like never showing emotion, always being assertive, strong, and never helping people. On the other hand, women are always expected to wear makeup, dress up, be submissive, and assist others first instead of helping herself. Sexism and social expectations that go towards men is detrimental to our society, whereas it oppresses young boys and men to believe that they are less of a man if they do not fit our social norm and expectations we set against them. Young boys feel inferior as a result of that they are unable to fit the social standard and they attempt to cover …show more content…
The face that someone actually thought that a shirt with a degrading message towards the person who wore it was an excellent idea shows how we need to change how we look at ourselves as well as …show more content…
Teachers graded and returned papers to students at the exact same time, but when asked to rate their promptness, students gave professors lower scores than men” (Miller). Even though women are graded more harshly than men when it comes to education, women were more likely to be described in reviews as role models” (MIller).
In order to deal with the issue of sexism, would be to change how media portrays everyone. It’s not about how women are portrayed, but it is also about how other genders are portrayed as well. We should be taught that we are all equal and that our society should not have these certain rules and regulations on how someone portrays themselves. Various people face of all genders deal with these sort of issues, not just women and with a more open mind, we can finally dissimilate that stressor that is hidden in the modern day worldwide