Sexual Assault Against Women Essay

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Sexual Assault against Women

I choose this topic because sexual assault is one of the most offensive crimes committed in our society. Not only is it a threat to the community, but it has a physically and psychologically effect on the victim in many ways. For the last couple of decades, sexual assault, rape, and child molestation has become the focal point of public concerns today. According to a 1993 National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice, about 500,000 rapes or sexual assaults occur each year (Statistics, March 2010). The Department of Justice states that, “rape crimes have risen nearly three times as fast as the total crime rate”, although other studies have shown statistics that are in
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Law enforcement officers are highly trained and are fully aware of this Act and how it works. It is the duty of the officer to enforce these laws.
One intervention method for the offenders that would restore justice practices is the gaining popularity of “chemical castration” which is the use of Depo-Provera; it decreases the level of testosterone that men produce (encyclopedia, 2012). Lowered testosterone levels decreases the sexual thoughts and fantasies of the offender. The way this method would impact the victim is by given them a piece of mind of knowing the offender is being mentored and knowing that this could happen to another person.
The way the Criminal Justice system can work more efficient to help the victim through a rape or sexual assault is not blame the victim; this was a strategy that was used in pasted which would make the victim feel as if it is their fault. For example, the victim goes to a party and becomes overly intoxicated and wakes up to find herself assaulted sexual, in the past the victim would be the blame because she became overly intoxicated. But what should be done is to encourage women not to precipitate the crime through careless behavior. But blame the offender, because they are the predator in crime and they should be removed from society.
As a Criminal Justice professional I would provide more effective assistance to the victim by offering services such as hotline information, victim advocate