Essay on Sexual Ethics

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Sexual intimacy is morally acceptable in any relationship involving competent, consenting adults. It is illogical to rely on a singular concept when considering the moral issues of sex. When considering the moral foundations upon which sexual intimacy resides: the well being of all concerned and the meeting of fundamental human needs must be taken into account and are the primary concerns. The largest threat to a proper consideration of sexual morality are the societal norms that exist within every culture. Sex contributes to the well being of all concerned in a few different ways. The sensation and experience of an orgasm from sexual contact between two persons cannot be equitably replicated. One might raise an objection to that by claiming masturbation as equally satisfying given that its produces or is likely to produce an orgasm. I have not yet met any adult that would agree with that statement and I encourage one to try to find them. Should someone actually agree with that claim; it is likely that they have had some sort of traumatic or dissatisfying experience(s) or they have not had sex yet. A virgin’s opinion about sex vs. masturbation would be incongruous. They have not yet experienced sex and are unable to make the comparison. But, being a virgin doesn’t negate opinions regarding sexual morality. It is just an acknowledgment that one lacks the intrinsic knowledge accompanying experience. Sex can also be very physically demanding, contributing to the betterment of ones overall physical health. Certain factors accompany and effect ones ability to perform sex such as: age, genetic and psychologic disposition, flexibility, uncommon physical characteristics, erectile dysfunction, and the personal aesthetic. Depending on the amount of time and the manner in which sex is performed, it can be considered a “work out”. Thus, contributing to the overall well being of not one, but all participants involved. Lastly, sleep is an important factor to one’s overall health and is also a fundamental human need. Seratonin is a chemical released by the brain, contributing to a kind of mental and physical euphoria and allowing one to fall asleep easier. Sex is known to release massive amounts of seratonin into the brain. It follows that having sex before bed would cause a much more fulfilling sleep experience for both individuals. What is a fundamental human need? I define a fundamental human need as something necessary to one’s existence and the continuation of a species. Sex, although considered a moral issue, is absolutely a fundamental human need. The desire to have sex is one of our most primal urges. Although, unlike Freud, I do not believe it is at the root of our actions. Unless the intent of everything one does has its base in procreation. I do not believe that sex is at the base of all one’s urges. But when one responds to that which arouses them, they are responding to a natural occurrence(finding someone attractive) with a natural reaction(arousal). One may object to that by saying some people shouldn’t have sex unless they are married. Weather or not they are married is