Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity In Why Transgender Identity Matters

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Gender can be defined as the state of being masculine or feminine. Gender is the cultural and social meaning of sex. When we think of gender, we associate a it with physical attributed attributes associated with said masculine or female such as roles, expectations or behaviors within society.

In “Night to His Day” Judith Lober states “For human beings there is no essential femaleness or maleness, femininity or masculinity, womanhood or manhood, but one gender is ascribed, the social order constructs and holds individuals to strongly gendered norms and expectations” We have learned to put labels because of societies social norms and what is viewed as acceptable. From the moment a child is born we are already creating those gender norms, by the way we paint their room, dress them etc.
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Sexual orientation is who the person is sexually attracted too. The person can be heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. In “Why Transgender Identity Matters” by Rebecca Juro, we see that the MSNBC host, Ed Schultz is unaware of the difference between both sexual orientation and gender identity. This is proven by the fact that Schultz does a segment about Chaz Bono who is transgender. In the segment, Shultz brings a story blogger and editor Mike Rogers who happens to be a gay man. Now the problem with his is that the Shultz is asking Rogers opinion on Bono being gay bashed by Dr. Keith. However, Bono is not gay, he is a heterosexual. He is in a very serious relationship with a women. This leads us to understand that Shultz is unaware of the difference between sexual orientation and gender