Sexuality in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence Essay

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HSPTS 133 SU14 Name: Marina Vasquez
Assignment #3 20 points
Chapters 6, 7, 8, L. Smith

Read Chapters 6, 7, and 8 and look over chapter power points and links under Course Documents and Notes.

Chapter 6: Sexuality in Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence

1. According to the text, what are two “normal” sexual behaviors for 2-5 year old boys? (1 pt)

Two normal behaviors for children 2-5 are
1. looking at or touching a peer's or new sibling's genitals
2. showing genitals to peers

2. Describe how parental attitudes/influence can affect how young children will behave sexually? (2 pts)

Nearly 80 percent of teenagers indicate that what their parents have told them and what their parents might think influence their decisions about sex and relationships. The more that teenagers are satisfied with the mother–child relationship, the less likely they are to be sexually experienced. Conversely, poor communication with parents about sex and safe sex practices, and parental substance abuse are also linked with risky sexual behaviors. For young men, this may lead to more frequent use of alcohol, which is strongly linked with early sexual activity. For young women, estrangement at home often leads them to seek and establish intimate relationships outside the family, seeking the warmth and support they lack at home.

3. Who/what are the primary sources of sexuality information for teens? (1 pt) The media plays a big part in what teens know about sex as well as the internate. websites like have a lot of imformation where teens can go on and find the answers to the questions they have. Friends also are another way teens get sexual imformation talking with friends about what thwy have done sexually.

Chapter 7: Adult Sexuality and Relationships

4. Using the text and information under the Chapter 7 Course Documents, describe three reasons why college is a sexually risky time for young adults. (2 pts) 3. In college HIV contraction rates are much higher
4. Unprotected casual sex ismuch more prevolent in college
5. Anal sex has higher rates by college students

5. What are two current trends in marriage and/or divorce and why are they occurring? (2pts)

People have higher rates of divorce the longer they are together. People together for 15 years have a 50% chance of divorce. When people spend so many years of their life together they sometimes start todrift apart as they get older then can change a lot from when they first met their husbend or wife. Too many problems about money kids or anyother situation that is happening. A second trend is marraige is being delayed until longer in life. The reason for this is because women are becoming more inependent and wanting to stay focused on a career and thendont have time to put love first.

6. List one of the common sexual changes that may accompany aging and a solution that can be considered to keep the older adult sexually active? (2 pt) One commen sexual change that happens with age is desire for sex. There are pills and other things like sexual toys that can be used to bring back desire for sex.

Chapter 8: Sexual Individuality and Sexual Values

7. What is the Declaration of Sexual Rights? (1 pts)

The declaration of sexual rights are rights that have been astablished to assure that human beings and societies develop healthy sexuality, the sexual rights must be