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English 8 Andrew McKinney
Mrs. Franklin 8th Period

1) pg 3 15 years old 2) pgs 3,4,5– Williamsburg
-World War Two - Jewish sects of the city 3) pg 3,5 The mention of both World War Two and the depression 4) pg 4 It was looked down upon because it taught more English subject than the minimum required and it taught its Jewish subjects in Hebrew instead of Yiddish. Parochial schools are schools that provide religious education as well as usual education. 5) pg 5 The Jewish schools formed these leagues to show the rest of the world that even though they spent a lot of time studying that they were still as fit an able to play sports as any other kids. 6) pg 6 That you should “throw it like a sharp shooter” and “no defensive holes in this war.” 7) pg 8 The opponents were wearing white shirts, dark pants, white sweaters, and small black skullcaps. They had there long curls of hair hanging down near there ears.
8) pg 18, 19 When he first uses it I thought that it was some kind of slang word or something they did not like to be called. After Reuven mentioned it on the next page it clarified that it was not something kind.
9) pg 19, 21,22 a) when Danny makes the remark about how they were going to kill the apikorsim b) after Reuven tells Davey he says “Those are nice people, those yeshiva people” c) Then he made a sarcastic remark saying “were not holy enough” d)Then when they were talking about them being murders he thinks,” Shleppers is more like it.”) lastly when he got on base he made a smart remark about rubbing your tzitzit lately
10) pg 22 the yeshiva team did not know any fielding strategy and they had won there games by hitting.
11) pg 24 His anger keeps building toward Danny and the other team an he made a remark about how it was not just another game but a war. 1) When Dov Shlomowitz ran over Reuven while running the bases 2) After he get a hit he makes a comment to Danny when he gets to his base. 3) Then finally when Danny hits a line drive right Reuven’s face.
12) pg 30 a) When Mr. Galanter say’s “Somebody wet a handkerchief with cold water.” you realize that the injury is serious. B) pg 29 You can tell that something bad is going to happen after Reuven says “ His eyes were dark , and his lips were parted in a crazy, idiot grin. C) pg 40 and 41 You see how happy Mr. Savo is on one side of him just joking around though he could lose an eye while the boy is kind of quiet on the other side. He also sees he could go blind like Billy or just lose 1 eye like Mr. Savo. d) pg 35 Mr. Galanter keeps asking if he is alright and is acting really nervous.
13) pg 49 When he is talking to his father he claims that Danny had aimed at him an and that they had started a war. This makes him not like Danny even more.
14) pg 50 Mr. Malter tells his son that he shouldn’t be cut off from the world just because he is in the hospital. He might have brought it because he is trying to make up for not being able to read.
15) pg 51 he wants him to be able to pray with it even though he is sick but only if the nurses allow it.
1)pg 55 At the beginning of this chapter the invasion of Europe otherwise know as D –Day during world war two occurred and they are all cheering.
2) pg 62 Reuven my have thought that he was not sincere or was just there apologizing because his father had forced him to and he could no really think about the apology he was probley just thinking that Danny did it on purpose the whole time.
3) pg 66,67 Reuven finds himself happy to see Danny come back on the second day, he did not think of him as a hasd he just thought of him as a normal person, he enjoys his conversation with Danny and they can both relate on things even though they are so