Sh The Girl Next Door Analysis

Words: 311
Pages: 2

Alan Norris, now 70 years old discovers a news report regarding an old tin containing mysterious severed hands, buried underneath the secret garden, the birthplace of all his jubilant childhood memories that he spent with his school friends. The widespread message of the unsolved murder, reunites the group after decades, retying friendships, together facing death and detachment. Alan Norris once a highschool flirt has now grown old but still maintains his frisky, charming traits. He is continuously committed in finding love and happiness, while being convivial with others.
Daphne Jones is a strong independent woman that still seems to be the beautiful girl everyone notices. Even after her unfortunate past separations with loved ones, she facilely copes and maintains a fierce look.

“He must be careful… if he slipped and fell and, with those hands in his hands, had to shout for help. Would he ever be found?”

The quoted passage above portrays the slight possibility of the murderer being exposed, for the cruel misdemeanor he carried out, simply because of the envy and rage towards his wife’s affair with another man. This reveals the character of the killer and primarily introduce the plot with an intriguing case, which also contributes to hinting the major conflict the characters will tackle throughout the story.
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As stated, “… he lay awake in the dark and saw those hands, Anita’s narrow, white hand… the man’s brown hand equally shapely, the fingers slightly splayed.” (Rendell 3) The beginning instantly grasped my attention, and I was hoping for an entertaining plot. As I read, waiting patiently for something suspenseful or mysterious, but it remained boring and dragged on. The tone of the author was consistently controlled and doesn’t go into too much detail, which left me