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The Girl on the Milk Carton My name is Maddison, I am 16 years old and I have a wonderful life. I have a mother who loves me, a father who provides for me, and wonderful friends who are always there for me. My mother is very different from others. She is very protective of me and follows me everywhere. She wouldn’t even let me try out for sports my freshmen year. When I would get angry about how over protective she was being, she would always respond, “You will understand when you have children” but, I will never be as bad as her. I couldn’t do what normal people do at my age like go to the movies alone, hang out with friends, have a personal phone, or have a boyfriend. I thought every teenager went through this at some point in their life but, all that changed when I found out the truth about my background. It was a regular day at school; I was eating lunch with my friends like any other teenager. I never drank my milk so I would always give it to my friend, Emily. Me and my friends were having a conversation about science class when Emily said “Hey, look at this girl on the milk carton”. I stopped talking and looked at the picture while my other friend, Avery, said “That girl looks exactly like you”. I had a confused look on my face and responded “no way.” Avery yanked the carton out of my hand and said “Are you blind? Look at the description, Curly blonde hair, green eyes, mole on upper lip, and a birth make on the inner right arm”. My heart instantly dropped because I have the exact same birth mark on my arm. I quickly respond “You don’t think this could be me? We don’t even have the same name, hers is Maddie my name is Maddison.” Emily responds “close enough.” The bell rung before we could discuss the situation even more but, I thought about it for the rest of the day. I took the milk carton home so I could talk to my mother about it but, I got scared and didn’t mention it. As soon as I got home, I went to my room and pulled out my laptop to do more research on the missing child. I found out that Maddie was abducted from an amusement park when she was only 3 years old. Her parents’ names were Carla and Addom Finner and they were giving a $13,000 reward for anyone who found her. When I read more about her I found out she was exactly like me. She loves the outdoors, loves swimming, and allergic to pineapples, oranges, and peanuts. The website had a number for anyone who had information about the missing child so I deiced to call it. As soon as the operator picked up my mother walked in. I quickly hung up the phone and acted like I wasn’t doing anything but, it was too late for that. With a suspicious look on her face, my mother said “who do toy think you’re talking to?” I respond nervously “no one.” Her face started to get as red as a tomato because she knew I was lying and my laptop still had the ad with the missing girl on it. She demanded me to tell her the truth and I instantly broke down. I told her how everyone thought I was the missing girl on the milk carton and how there were too many similarities between us to ignore. She pushed me out of the way, grabbed my laptop and yelled “we are withdrawing you from that school and you’re never talking to those idiot friends of yours again.” She didn’t even notice my nose was gushing blood from me being pushed into the wall. I thought her reaction was very strange