Shakespear time Speech Essay

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Shakespeare in his lifetime wrote many plays. His plays tend to be about greed, jealousy, love, and death. One of Shakespeare’s most famous play, Much Ado About Nothing, a romance comedy, shows that a women’s role was defined by their position in the society. In Shakespeare’s time, when you were born, you were immediately given a social label and it effects how you are treated and how you should treat tother people.
Back in Shakespearean times, women pretty much are willing to give anything to marry someone, though it is more desirable for lower class women. The wealthy woman had to marry whoever their closest male family member picked and they were ‘given’ to their husband as a possession and their family will get something in return. The poor was willing to do anything for marriage and with parental permission it was legal for girls to marry at the age 12 although it was not usual for marriages at such young ages.
One of the many labels is the quiet, sweet jewel that does not speak much. This label is placed on any girl that is born from a rich family and Hero is the one that portrays the label in the play. Her role in the play is to obey and go with any male from her family, even if it’s against her will. With high expectations, and with little or no freedom to express her opinion, she hardly ever talks to people because that is expected of her, and even if she was to express her opinion, her opinion is considered useless if any wealthy male says so. This label is easily peeled off by nearly any noble male, for example, on her wedding, she was humiliated by Claudio, a noble man, and the people around her immediately believed him instead of Hero. "Not to knit my soul to an approved wanton" But even after all the insults Hero still wants to marry the same man. The next and most common label is the flirty, talkative women also known as bawdy women. This label is placed onto some women that aren't wealthy, and are there to serve to the "needs" of noblemen. And Margret is the one in the play that portrays this label. Their expectations are low and they have a lot more freedom to express themselves by…