Shakespeare: 16 th Century and Shakespeare Essay

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Patronage or Nay?

Queen Elizabeth is granting a certain amount of money to one person who she believes deserves this patronage. Shakespeare will be closely watched by Queen Elizabeth’s servant Lord Chamberlain for a few days to really get to know what type of person Shakespeare really is. Lord Chamberlain will then report back to Queen Elizabeth positive or negative news on how good or bad of a person Shakespeare is. Based on prior evidence obtained, Shakespeare does not deserve the patronage from Queen Elizabeth.

The first reason why Shakespeare should not get the patronage from the Queen is because Shakespeare was being a scum by leaving his wife and kids to fend for themselves which goes against what Queen Elizabeth ethics and what she believes. In exhibit A it shows how Shakespeare left his wife and children with nothing, “ In 1587, Shakespeare made a ten year-visit to London to pursue his acting and writing talents, leaving the family behind for the duration.” Shakespeare here shows why he shouldn’t receive any money for his play by displaying his disregard for his family and their needs. Exhibit B Shakespeare shows why he shouldn’t receive any money because of his relationship with another women, “It’s known that Shakespeare spends a lot of his free time in the company of a woman he refers to only as “the dark young lady,”.

The second reason why Shakespeare should get the patronage from the Queen is because Shakespeare was like any other guy back in the 16th…