Shakespeare: Hamlet and Marry King Hamlet Essay

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Critical Analysis


July 8th 2014

In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, women are known as representing utensil’s because they are always depended on men. Men very easily influence them and they never seem to defend themselves. King Hamlet was killed by a “snake bite”, which left Gertrude as a widowed queen. She was not able to function without a man by her side; she needed a man that was able to for fill her needs. Gertrude then married King Hamlets brother Claudius; therefore Claudius was crowned king of Denmark. William Shakespeare used lots of sympathy throughout the play to give the audience the feeling or sorrow or pity towards the characters in the play. In Act one, Hamlet finds out that his father had died because of poison that was put in his ear by his uncle. William Shakespeare used sympathy so the audience felt sorrow or pity for the characters and he meant to do it in the way he did. When Hamlet found out the real truth about how is father death, Shakespeare created an atmosphere in which the reader or the audience would pity hamlet. The sympathy that the audience felt upon Hamlet was caused when Hamlet was saying that he wished suicide was not a sin.

This scene is so important because all the conflicts happen between Hamlet and his uncle Claudius. This scene was created to show that the queen cannot survive without a man. After King Hamlet’s death, the queen was a widow for two months. During those two months she was weak and could not do anything without a man’s assistance. I mean what’s a queen without a king? The purpose of this scene was also for Hamlet to find out how his father really died. It develops Hamlets character because he starts to get much more aggressive. It develops conflict because all along he thought that his father had died from a snakebite, but really Claudius killed his father. The conflict is caused because Queen Gertrude decided that she needed a man to support her, so she ends up marry King Hamlet’s brother. Hamlet does not like the decision that his mother made because it happened so soon. Also being Hamlets uncle, it made it worse because he felt a sense of betrayal. The explicit message is that he hates his uncle Claudius and wants to seek revenge on him for