Shakespeare: Lady Macbeth Essay

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In this assessment I am going to write about the dramatic exchanges between Macbeth (husband) and Lady Macbeth (wife) as seen in the text and portrayed on screen. In the beginning of the play before Macbeth becomes king they both share a loving and a strong bond between them. However nearly at the end of the play the relationship which was once strong between them both had been weakened as the couple stop talking to each other and also the couples stop sharing secrets with each other that shows the couple have no importance in each other’s life.

At the beginning of the play Macbeth shows his love and passion for Lady Macbeth by writing a love letter. In the letter Macbeth shares his thoughts, feelings and achievements with Lady Macbeth. Macbeth shows his love for Lady Macbeth in his letter. Macbeth writes in his letter
“My Dearest partner of greatness”
(Act 1 scene 5, line 10)
That shows Macbeths love for Lady Macbeth. Macbeth greets Lady Macbeth by calling her greatly, this shows Macbeth loves his wife dearly and he is very admiring to his wife. This shows that Macbeth is proud of the relationship that he shares with Lady Macbeth. Macbeth also shows his strong desire of becoming king (royalty) which he and Lady Macbeth share. By addressing Lady Macbeth royally.

In the letter which Macbeth sent to Lady Macbeth he shares his experiences with his wife as he informs her about the meeting with the witches as they predict he will become Thane of Cawdor and also he will become king. He talks about this with Lady Macbeth when he believes the witch’s predictions to be true.
“Referred me to the coming on of time, with “Hail, king that shalt be”
(Act 1 scene 5, line 9)
This shows that Macbeth is excited to become king and that he could do what he wants to once he’s king.

Macbeth is excited and shares his becoming of king with Lady Macbeth, he shows excitement and hopes to fulfil their dreams of ruling the kingdom, with the help and strength of his wife. This shows that they both share the same thoughts and that they will help each other in difficult times.

However on the other end of their relationship Macbeth doesn’t have the courage to tell Lady Macbeth that he does not want to kill king Duncan of Scotland. But she insults him by calling him a “coward”, saying that if he could murder King Duncan ‘he were a man’. To Macbeth this was a deep insult, and he soon decides to carry out the murder. Lady Macbeth’s influenced has rubbed off on Macbeth, as he says “False face must hide what the false heart doth know”, which is very similar to lady Macbeths words of the ‘innocent flower’ earlier. In act 1 you see how lady Macbeth has a power over Macbeth, she is cunning and calculated, however you see her power over Macbeth to make him murder king Duncan, showing how the power in the relationship is all in Lady Macbeths hand in the first act.

In act two after murdering king Duncan Macbeth says ‘this is a sorry sight’, but Lady Macbeth shows her power over Macbeth by saying ‘a foolish thing to say a sorry sight’. This shows how Lady Macbeth is still cold hearted, as she thinks it is ‘foolish’ for a man to show his sorry at a murder that he committed. Lady Macbeth orders Macbeth not to think so deeply, saying that ‘thinking about the deed will make us mad’ and ‘unbend your noble strength’. Here you see a slightly weaker side to Lady Macbeth, she herself is feeling guilty, almost immediately after the death of King Duncan but she does not show