Shakespeare Uses The Theme Of Love In Hamlet

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Shakespeare uses the theme of love in many pieces of his work such as in his play, Hamlet. Love is often the driving force that influences the characters to take the actions that they do. Shakespeare uses love as a main component in his work for the reason that love itself can play both the villain and the hero. Hamlet uses his love for the other characters as an excuse to get the revenge that he ultimately wants. In the sonnets, the speaker uses creative language in order to describe the person or place that they love, all while alluring the reader. There are many different categories of love. Such types include, the love for one's significant other, the love for one's parents, the love for power, and the love for friendship. Shakespeare uses language that is so full of passion with the use of imagery, metaphors, and other rhetorical devices in order to convey this theme.
To being with, the romantic type of love is what is more widely used. Specifically, Hamlet loved Ophelia even though it was not completely made obvious throughout the play. In order to convey that theme, Shakespeare uses language that consequently leads up to the
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The poem itself uses words that seem to be more reflective on a previous experience. Shakespeare uses metaphors to describe the amount of his love. For instance in lines 7-8, the speaker says "It is the star to every wandering bark,/ Whose worth's unknown, although his height be taken...", in which love is in comparison to a star. He explains how people do not completely understand how love works even if they are able to quantify it in a way. He also says how the actual value of love will remain unknown. Shakespeare continues to write in line 9, "But bears it out even to the edge of doom...", saying that true love till continue to be perfect till death. He claims his belief in love is so true and that he will never write if he is proven