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The Shakespearean times also known as the Elizabethan time. These influenced. Vengeance, friendship and love to name a few. In the Shakespearean there were assassinations adultery and robberies that is still happening in todays society. The relation between now and the Shakespearean era reflect back to the theme of universality and timelessness. Universality meaning that it can happen anywhere and timelessness can occur at anytime, which is certainly the case for the merchant of Venice just composed to our contemporary society. However some aspects of Elizabethan times are similar to the modern times there are many concepts as the cultural morals of the Shakespearean era were different. For example, women did not any power over men compared to what is seen in today’s society. The cultural morals, Jews were deemed and they were forced to wear a red cap to tell if they were Jews who was enforced by the Christian people.

Relating to this theme is vengeance and its between Shylock's attempt to revenge himself on the Christian Antonio. Shylock the jew wants to seek revenge on Antonio because he called him a dog and spat on him. Shylock lent Antonio the money deliberately to trick him so he could get his revenge. He takes revenge because Antonio has been horrible to him in the past. He called him a dog, a thief and spat on him in the streets. This was acceptable in Shakespeare's time. I believe "you spurned me like a dog" was in that section of the book and refers to him treating him like filth because he's a userer and a Jew.

Antonio and Bassanio's friendship is a very close one. Bassanio consider Antonio his best friend. I also think that Bassanio is also Antonio's best friend because Antonio lent money to Bassanio so he can pay his debts while living the high and fun life. Antonio even sacrifice his own life to Shylock so that Bassanio can have three thousands ducats to woo Portia, a rich heiress from Belmont. I think this part really says that Antonio does care about Bassanio and in a possible way he loves him like a brother. Antonio also Bassanio that all the money that he needed to pay Antonio that Bassanio did not need to pay him the money that he borrows a long time ago. Antonio is really a nice and kind friend and Bassanio is really lucky to have him. This part shows that Antonio is really kind and would sacrifice everything so his friend's happiness would be fulfilled. Bassanio on the other hand sometimes takes Antonio for granted. Bassanio even told Portia that Antonio is his best friend and he is the kindest and nicest man in Venice. Portia replied that she would like to meet him. But there is a scene where Bassanio wasn't gold - digger always that he also cares about Antonio too. Bassanio told Portia that he needed to save Antonio's life from the Jewish moneylender, Shylock. He said that he needed to save his friend's life first before marrying Portia. This part also shows that he is truthful to his friend. When Bassanio gave the ring, that Portia made him swear never to give it away, lose it or anything, to the lawyer who was actually Portia to reward the lawyer for helping to save Antonio's life. He was even willing to give the ring that his future wife gave it to him to show that he belongs to Portia and her wealth.Bassanio also felt worried when Portia told him that she had to sleep with the lawyer to get the ring back. This was the part that Bassanio showed that he was in love with Portia and not only with her wealth. But Portia eventually told Bassanio that she was the lawyer and Nerissa was the lawyer's clerk. Bassanio felt relieved and fooled by his wife. This part also shows that Portia's beauty also matches her brains. Bassanio also told the lawyer that he love Antonio more than his wife and the lawyer replied that you and your wife will argue if she were to hear this. This shows that Bassanio could not control his mouth and can not keep secrets. Antonio on the other hand also showed that he was easily