Shakespeares View on Love Essay

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Shakespeare’s View on Love

Shakespeare’s plays are very drastic with how he ties love into them. Shakespeare always adds comedy or tragedy to any romance that might be taking place. For example in Twelfth Night, As You like It and Romeo and Juliet there is romance but he also puts comedy in there so love is not that easy. In the play Othello he makes it into a tragedy which makes the love even harder to take place. Shakespeare has always found a way to make love as complicated as he can which leads me to believe that he feels that you must work for love and it should not be handed to you. Love is already complicated, but when Shakespeare is involved he makes sure at least two things come around that can make it harder for those
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It is only through death that they can persevere their love, which is so profound that they willingly end their lives in its defense. Love emerges as an amoral thing in this play, which leads to as much destruction as there was happiness. The love that Romeo and Juliet shared with each other appears to be so beautiful that very few would be able to resist its power. Othello is one of the few tragedies that have love found in it. I feel that Shakespeare had the love in this play be so dramatic which caused this to become a tragedy. Othello is a black moor who marries Desdemona. Desdemona’s father does not approve of his daughter’s marriage to Othello because he is of a different race. Othello is able to woo Desdemona with tales of his military travels and battles which causes the marriage. Othello has success as a soldier and in some ways he uses it to get the “love’ that he actually wants. In Othello, love is only complicated because of Othello’s friend Iago who manipulates everyone. Iago manipulates Othello into believing that his love Desdemona cheated on him with his good friend Cassio. In some way Othello is like Romeo and Juliet because they end in a similar way. They are similar in the fact that both Desdemona and Othello die, but not by poison; Othello kills Desdemona because he believes she is lying. He then learns the truth and kills himself just like Romeo does when he see that his love Juliet is dead. By Shakespeare