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Week 11 Homework Assignment
ShaMonica Thompson
Everest University Online
Management of Professionals

How would you describe the culture of Nucor?
In order to describe the culture of this organization, one must look at several different aspects of the company. The company is made up of employees and managers along with the President/CEO of the company. After reading and analyzing the case, Nucor’s culture is very tight knit. They all work together to form a very powerful team which is very good because companies that use this same framework is very successful. It seems as if most decisions are made by the front-line workers and not just the CEO and managers. The CEO feels as though everyone needs the ability to be able to make decisions and not just the managers. This allows the employees to feel like their opinion counts and they will be more willingly to offer feedback. This way everyone will have the chance to offer suggestions and or concerns they may have while working at Nucor. This makes the front-line workers feel powerful. More organizations need to be able to offer this same type of working environment. In my personal opinion, employees have a better chance at succeeding which is a win-win for the company because their performance levels are likely to be higher.

Why is the type of executive pay practice at Nucor not found in many other companies?
In my opinion, executive pay practice at Nucor is not found in many other companies because of the structure of the company. Most companies are structured where the top paid employees are the managers and supervisors and the people actually doing the work and making the money are getting paid nowhere near what they are actually worth. There are mixtures of factors I think as to why most pay practices aren’t like those found t Nucor. Greed is the biggest thought that comes to mind. Some owners are so greedy that they would rather keep all the revenue to themselves rather than to share with those who has helped the company become successful. There’s also a legacy system. Sometimes companies that are thousands of years old are already formed in a way of doing things that change does not happen so easily. It is always good for senior executives to evaluate the company every year in my opinion. This means a thorough evaluation of the employees’ performance, financials, and even their mission and vision statements. This allows the company to see what direction they are headed and if they have been making the right decisions.
If innovative solutions to problems are needed at Nucor, how do you think they will emerge? That is, will internal or external forces bring about the needed innovations? Explain.
At Nucor, I think the changes will be done internally. The organization as a whole is pretty tight knit as I mentioned above so the company can get together and come up with innovative decisions. The leader of the company feels that the front-line employees should be able to make the decisions and this grants them more