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Shania Guy-Carro
Mr. Chapple
US History
16 March 18, 2015
Political Party Project The U.S. Government has two major political parties, the democratic and republican. The Democratic Party promotes a social-liberal and central –left platform. They support a mixed economy and social justice. They provide government intervention and regulations in the economy. For example the Democratic Party feels that social security should remain a government sponsored insurance plan for retirees. They also encourage businesses to keep jobs here and not outsource them to companies overseas. Both of these are in my opinion very important for our countries over all growth and wellbeing. The Republican Party is the second major political party our country has. There party’s conservatism supports free market capitalism, strong national defense, labor unions, limited government and opposing regulations. Republicans support socially conservative policies. A couple of examples would be that Republicans are pro small business, they support giving small businesses tax incentives in order for more jobs to be created. In which I feel would help our general economy, and also help keep small town Ma and Pop businesses doors open. However on the other hand they support privatized social security where people are responsible for their own private investment accounts to support them once retired. In which case I feel would cause or country severe problems. Since many of our countries people can barely make ends meet while working before retirement and or simply have poor money management skills which case they would have nothing to live on once retired at the normal age, causing homelessness, burden on family and friends, or less people would retire at the normal age and they would continue working. Another party in our government is the American First party. Which is a paleo conservative third party. They stress tradition, limited government, civil society, anti-colonialism and anti-federalism. The party was formed in 2002. The first American party believes that the traditional values of faith, family, and responsibility should be restored. They also feel that our corrupted political system needs cleaned up. I agree with the American first party. Our country has gone down the drain the last 50 years. We have lost our family value system and the government continues to take our rights away from us. If I were to form a political party I would call it bring back the land of the Free.

Platform of Bring back the land of the free.
Bring back the land of the free (BBLF) support the American dream. Bring back the