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Shannon Smith 2/25/15
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The Steam Engine

The typical thought when you hear the term, “steam engine” is a train looking machine right? This is not true, steam engines can be an engine using the steam to propel engine. Many inventions such as The Savery Pump, invented by Thomas Savery, Newcomen Atmospheric Engine designed and invented by Thomas Newcomen or Watt Atmospheric Steam Engine invented by James Watt used the steam engine as a power to their machines. All of these men helped the main cause of inventing a machine that could do most anything. Many people have come to claim that Thomas Newcomen, or James Watt invented the steam engine but Thomas Savery was the original inventor of the brilliant steam engine so people say. There are many different opinions about who the real inventor of the steam engine was and who just stole the idea. Nobody knows. The invention the steam engine belongs to the whole entire human race as of the 1700’s. Thomas Savery who invented The Savery Pump, was born into a wealthy family of Devonshire, England, 1650. He was educated and then became a military engineer. He enjoyed experimenting with many things. As he experimented with many things, he came up with the paddle wheel to propel…