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B.P Oil Spill Disaster

On April 20, 2010 the B.P Company Rig had an oil spill, which spilled into the Gulf of Mexico. The name of the rig was Deepwater Horizon. The disaster affected Marine Life, Fishing Industry. It disaster also affected Tourism. Lastly, for the first time in 87 days, oil has stopped flowing. The clean up estimate was about 12.5 billion dollars.
One harmful effect was on Marine Life, which leaded to having a big problem for people and animals. For example, animals like Seabirds had a big impact on their feathers that resulted to death or damaging their body. Seabird’s feathers that were absorbed in the oil make it hard for them to fly or lift up. Another animal that was injured were turtles. Meaning the turtles had trouble breathing because they couldn’t come to the surface and breathe.
The oil spill also was a big impact on the Fish Industry. The reason was that hunters for fish couldn’t catch the fish, because the fish were either killed or the fish were toxic. Another reason was that if there isn’t any edible the fish hunters won’t make money. Also, any animal that had contact with the slick surface are at risk. Lastly, that is how the oil spill had a negative impact on the fish.
The Final affect, was on tourism which caused trouble for tourism. First of all, if people aren’t allowed to swim in or near the water, people can’t vacation they won’t go to hotels or restaurants. Some people say that the spill is an enough to make a significant “dent” in the tourism industries of Florida and other Gulf states. Out of all states, Florida has the most to lose and affect the state. The reason…