Share the Beach Sea Turtle Volunteer Program: Creative Brief Essay

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Date: December 11, 2014
Client: Share the Beach Sea Turtle Volunteer Program

Business Objectives
To gain public donations and national recognition of the Share the Beach program by securing major sponsors to advertise the program and its donation options. This will open a window to new and different demographics through social media outlets. We will also aim to promote the conservation of sea turtles in Alabama to our newly gained publics. By doing so this will expand the time span of general concern for gulf coast wildlife through a promotional contest aimed to generate donations.

Target Audience
Largest target will include those attending The Hangout Music Festival who are generally 18+ years old. The festival is centrally located on the beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama generating 40,000 visitors during a three day period each year in late May according to Our focus will be followers of the Hangout Music Festival on all social media platforms averaging 25k followers on Instagram, 165k followers on Facebook and 54k followers on Twitter determined by visiting each platform.

Communication Goals
Build awareness among new age groups throughout the country through social media. We plan to convince our target that they can make a difference in the future of Alabama's sea turtles and Alabama's coastal ecosystem by participating in a competition that benefits both parties. Overall we want to accomplish a significant increase in recognition of Share the Beach Program and its purpose as well as increasing the number of participants for the future.

The Big Idea
Partner with The Hangout Music Festival in creating a contest to design the 2015 official commemorative festival poster. Participants must base their designs on endangered sea turtles in the Gulf Coast area. Each entry will require a $10 nest adoption fee benefiting the Share the Beach program. The contest guidelines will detail Share the Beaches’ mission and involvement in the Gulf Coast Area and provide a link directly to the Share the Beach website where each contestant can contribute their fee. The chosen winner will receive 2 VIP weekend festival tickets valued at over 2,000 dollars.

Support for the Big Idea
The Hangout Music Festival is the largest event along the gulf coast with proceeds generating $31 million for the economy according to an article published on Reaching out to festival goers will gain new publics and national recognition because 80% of attendees are from outside the state of Alabama, which averages about 32k people. Hangout Music Festival is covered on many televised programs including local and national networks like MTV. The 2014 festival reached an estimated audience of 564 million viewers worldwide. We will advertise the competition through all social media outlets averaging exposure to 244k new candidates. Furthermore the chosen logo will be featured on every brochure detailing the involvement Share the Beach has in regards to the festival. Also the chosen poster will be featured on merchandise available for purchase online and at the festival, 10% of each item's sale price will be donated directly to the Share the Beach foundation.

The Hangout Festival has a huge impact on the economy of the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach area. It draws attracts enormous crowds, tons of media attention nationally, and a great reputation among the artists that play here. The more people that talk about the festival, the more the Share the Beach foundation will get recognized. According to Danny Goodman, the festival became the sixth largest outdoor festival in only its second year. It brought in crowds over 35,000 people for just the three days and four nights it occurred. The impact these large crowds could have on the Share the Beach campaign could be enormous.

Tone of Voice
We believe that in order for this campaign to be successful, we have to be persuasive in our message. Having