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Pretty sure we need to know the poem Lullaby for the exam but i dont know how is relates to anything? anyone have ideas? I guess like things that fly and shit like birds or something.
Mosquitoes fly too Are we sure “Sonnet, Without Salmon” isn’t on the final? In any case, I guess the final doesn’t necessarily include or exclude any poems specifically if it is the way she described. Its more like drawing from what seems to fit Do we get to use a cheat sheet again? yes, right? (someone verify…) Yes
Yes we can use a cheat sheet, front and back. Does anybody know what the themes are in the 2nd and 3rd parts of Native Guard? The first is like an autobiography but I’m not sure what the purpose of the other parts is supposed to be. The first part of Native Guard is a tribute to her mother and her trying to deal with the death of her mother. The second part is a tribute to the Native Guard and all of the forgotten African
American soliders that fought on the side of the union (think about the poem where she talks about union soldiers firing shots against the Native Guard after they had already surrendered and the general saying “I have no dead here”). And the third part is about her relationship with the South and her struggle to understand who she is, where she came from, and what that all means. And the same themes are woven throughout the three parts, as she takes it from a personal level to a historical level.

What type of questions will she ask?? When I e­mailed her it seemed to be that she would give us like 2 topics and we choose four or five poems that support a point of view. She was very vague though. I bet she hasnt even made the exam yet to be honest. The best thing I would recommend is writing a bunch of poems on your cheat sheet so you can relate them all to one another.
She didn’t even know what she was going to ask us. She left us in the dark on LDOC. I took a class with her last semester with the same test set­up and she told us the same thing. Her tests are always pretty easy, you just have to use examples from the poems that you do know and feel comfortable with. If you use a cheat sheet you should be fine. Please fill in any empty cells!

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