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Sravasti Abbey
Sharing the Dharma day; Buddhist Ideas for Everyone
Sharing the Dharma Day is an opportunity for newcomers and old friends to explore the Buddha’s teachings and to share in community fellowship. People from all faiths and backgrounds can apply the principles explored on Sharing the Dharma Day to enhance their lives. Guided meditation,teaching, vegetarian potluck, and facilitated discussion.
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Sharing the Dharma, Sravasti Abbey speech was an hour in a half long, 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Her speech was just right, she discussed topics and had a question and answer after each session. The aim of the speech was to educate and share the Buddha’s teachings and expand our understandings of the Buddha’s suffering ,love and compassion. As far as I can tell the speech was accurate, I did research on Buddhism and am currently taking world religions with Laura Templeton. The information that she supplied us with was interesting and fascinating coming from someone that has personal experience. It was an informative speech that was open-minded and well put together. It was an education speech on Buddhism traditions and teachings and her life expericence through the study in Tibetan tradition of Buddhism. It was well organized Abbey discussed the study and the books relevant to practice to living in contemporary society. She spoke about the ways to apply the dharma in daily life, snaring our challenges, obstacles and successes. How to support each other in a kind and compassionate way. Abbey used her personal testimony and shared her life experience with us, she gave us brief insight on