Sharks Are Important Essay

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Blood, people screaming, blue water turned into red and much many teeth. This is how most of the people think about sharks. They think about their muscular bodies, and how they kill their victims. Sharks are known for crudely ripping off human body parts and attacking innocent civilians.
In addition to this, TV and commercial advertisements make us think even worse about these enormous murderers.
But are sharks really intentionally attacking us or are they animals in need of food? Sharks are animals, and they need to survive on the same way as we do, they are just one more type of animal, and they think in the same way as an elephant or a snake do it.
It is true that the best animal in the world may not be a shark, but if we compare sharks with different animals we are going to see that they are not as bad creatures as we think .
Sharks have the number 9 between the 10 most dangerous animals, they attacked one hundred people each year .But, only ten of this attacks end up with a death. This is a pretty good number in compare with the number of deaths that happen each year. At least, a hundred deaths are happening each day, for example, a simple fruit as a coconut kill more than one hundred and fifty people each year, this is ten more times than a shark. In addition, if we compare the number of deaths because of sharks and because another different things, we are going to realize that the number of victims is just a little bit in compare with, for example: In Africa 2800 people are killed by hippos every year. Also, 450 people are killed by falling out of the bed in United States every year. In Russia, icicles kill a hundred people per year. Just one last example, autoerotic asphyxiation kills 600 people annually.

This numbers reflect that when our society try to make us think in a wrong way about something, it can do it. This is what happen with sharks, and is that everyone knows that they are dangerous , but they don´t see another facts that are drastically worse, and this is happening because people don´t like to learn new things, just because they do not want to change their mind. There are just a few people in this world that can say that they have seen a live unexpected shark attack .Most sharks are not harmful, and the most part of sharks eat only at the bottom of the sea. Sharks are judge by their cover because they are big and have tons of teeth and they look like monsters with a predatory gaze. What we do not think of, is that maybe these attributes are necessary for survival. Nature had to create animals with better qualities and more powerful than the rest in order to have a correct cycle of life. Luke Tipple is a very prestigious biologist who has been working with sharks his entire life, he let me ask him some questions about why sharks are very important and critical for our oceans. According to Mr. Tipple great white sharks, just like all species of shark, are very important components of a healthy and dynamic oceanic ecosystem.

Over the last 40 million years sharks have evolved to inhabit most, if not all, of the niche environments in the ocean. Furthermore, he explained:”you can pretty much point to any place in the ocean, be it a shallow coral reef, the deep abyssal trenches or blue open oceans, and you will find a species of shark that has adapted to the particular challenges of that environment. As Apex predators, sharks are at the top, or near top, of the food chain”.

He continued explaining that “this position is extremely important as they are responsible for keeping the numbers of many of their subordinates in check. Without this population control we would see an over-abundance of animals which, having no predators, would quickly overrun the