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Sharon Creech
By: Sydney Kim
Stories seem to be in her nature, and whether they come from her childhood, her personal experience, her life in Europe, or about a kid she met on her morning jog, allthat matters is that they lead somewhere amazing and often beautiful. She is a famous Newbery Award winner of ‘Walk Two Moons’, the Newbery Honor winning author of the ‘Wanderer’, and her other famous works include, ’Bloomability’, ‘Ruby Holler’, ‘Absolutely Normal Chaos’, and etc… Can you guess who this might be? Yes, this is Sharon Creech,one of the world’s most beloved authors around the world.
Sharon Creech was born in South Euclid, Ohio.Amild weathered, rowdysuburb of Cleveland at July 29th, 1945. Sharon was always used to a warm, large, extended family;she was raised within a noisy and crowded family which included her parents Ann and Arvel, three brothers Dennis, Doug, Tom and one sisterSandy. Today, she lives at New Jersey, Pennington School as a teacher.She now lives as an educator to the students, beloved wife of principal, a mom of two children but also an author to the world.
Sharon Creech is not only a writer and a thinker but also a big reader; she loves reading,her favorites are: The Legend of the King Arthur, Greek Myths, Native American myths, and especially Ivanhoe. Her hobbies include kayaking, traveling, swimming, and cross-country skiing. Also, some of Sharon’s favorite memories come from the annual summer trips her family took to many places; many of Sharon’s stories involve journeys both physical and physiological. Sharon said, “Journeys have always been important to me, the trips our family took each summer allowed me to see a wider world. We learned so much, and changed so much from what we saw.” Sharon received a whole new perspective when she visited England, Washington DC, and Switzerland. She saw that there was so much more to this world other than the little busy suburb she lived in. And that was when she truly opened her eyes.
But Sharon Creech hasn’t always started out her dream as an author, back when she was little; Sharon wanted to be many things, artist, reporter, or ice-skater. But when she went to college, she became interested in writing and storytelling and started writing. Soon after that, Sharon’s grandfather received a stroke and passed away; deeply shadowed in grief, Sharon was afraid that the words would be locked inside her forever, so Sharon wrote a book ‘Wanderer’ that won her a Newbery Honor Award. Not