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Carroll University has a culture not like many other universities in the state. Students at Carroll have learned mannerisms that are not as stressed at different universities. For example learning about culture is believed to be a significant part of our education. Students are required to take a class about different cultures as well take the time to experience cultures personally. Carroll students are immersed in different activities, under the belief that it is vital for students to participate in campus events in order to do well in school. Every weekend, students have the choice to participate in numerous events on campus to keep boredom away.
The culture of Carroll is very diverse, as it is made up of students and faculty, all who have come from different places. The students and faculty on campus bring with them their different understandings of values and norms. The understandings differ because everyone on campus comes from a vast variety of places, where people don’t always believe in the same values. Even students who come from the same town may have been raised in a different part of the town, where norms differ.
The artifact that I chose is Shattuck Auditorium. Shattuck fits over one thousand people, with multiple levels to be able to hold more students. Shattuck Auditorium is used for many things on campus. Whether it is for a class, performance or orientation, the Auditorium has housed all of the students and the faculty, although not at the same time.

Shattuck has been used for hundreds of plays and music recitals as well welcomed many special guests such as Chris Carter, Pete Lee and C.L. Lindsey just to name a few. And those were just from this years orientation. The auditorium has also been used to hold informational sessions for students and parents. As well as rented out to local community members who needed to use it for a performance.
Shattuck Auditorium is important to Carroll’s culture because even before students became part of the culture at Carroll, they were crammed into Shattuck for the Preview Days with their parents. This was the first real glimpse at Carroll, and…