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1.) Roman Judea (occupied) Roman GovernorarmyHellenized King, reports to supported by RomeHigh Priest Sanhedrin (Great Council)
2.) Factions
a. “Establishment” minority, Hellenized, “sadducees”, herodians.
b. Zoppostion- “phraisees”- oral and written law, “pious ones” anti-Roman messianig tradition
c. Revolutionaries: “zealots”, “sicarri”- anti Roman “terrorists”
3.) Messianic Tradition. King from vine of David )in Josiah Tradition)-“Righteous One” as high priest. Timed for 22 C.E. “Kingdom of God.” Prophetic Texts: Isaiah, Danisc, Malachi, Enoch
4.) Jewish Historical Tradition
a. Jesus as messiah (26-28 C.E.?) John “The Baptist” at the righteous one, Line of David, accepted by majority, killed by Romans as political enemy.
b. James (brother of Jesus) Heir to messianic branch- All “pious” Jews in belief and ritual only Jews enter the kingdom of heaven.
5.) Paul “The Mythmaker” (40-63 C.E.) Hellenized Jew- Cousin of Herod? Visions from God: Jesus was divine sacrifice. Splits with Jerusalem church travels Roman Empire with “message” writes letters establishing doctrine.
6.) The Rebellion 66-72 C.E. Pious Jews revolt, Rome sacks Jerusalem- destroys temple. Jerusalem church flees to Syria.
7.) The texts- Gospel of Mark 60 C.E. (pre-rebellion) Matt 80-90 CE (post rebellion) Luke 80-90 CE (Pauline) John 100-110 CE (Anti-Jewish pro Roman)
8.) Christian doctrines 120-300 CE. Judak Messianic- Jesus as king
Gnostic- Jesus as spiritual idea
Arinism- Jesus is like god but not god
Pauline- Jesus as god incarnate
9.) Competing religions in Roman World 160-300 CE. Imperial unconquered sun-mitheras-jesus
300 CE Mithras as imperial unconquered sun-Jesus- 400 Jesus as unconquered sun

What are the implications of Dr. Kings argument?
Adaption/ adoption of stories and rituals
Layering of religions shrines and temples
Terms: Pagan- red neck around 3rd century CE, derogatory term, very late conversion to new religion
Orthodox- correct thinking
Heresy- incorrect thinking (325 CE) Penalty is death
1.) Gnostic Gospels
a. How did we get these gospels? We got these gospels from Muhammad Ali. Onoe day he was digging around a massive boulder and accidently hit a red earthenware jar. He smashed the jar open and found 13 papyrus books.
b. What did Gnostics believe? That they can offer traditions about Jesus that are secret and hidden from the many who constitute in the Catholic Church. Gnosis is the process of knowing oneself and to know human nature and destiny. A gnostic is one who has come to understand who we were, what we have become, where we were, what birth is and what rebirth is.
2.) Keeper of the Keys
a. Identify different Christian sects and organization. Office holders, Christians, leaders of different house churches, Gnostics, Jewish Christians, and the followers of Marcion.
b. Discuss the impact of martyrdom and martyrdology. exile, fighting in the streets, execution, and persecution of