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PHIL 220, Ethics Non-Graded Diagnostic
Instructor: William Simon

Name ___Shawn R. Sampson__________________________________ Date ______08/22/2013______

1. If capital punishment deterred murders, it would be justified. But since it does not deter such crimes, does it follow that it isn't justified? Yes _____ No ___x__

2. Suppose it is true that if Clyde studies philosophy tonight, he will flunk his math test tomorrow, and if he studies math instead, he will flunk his philosophy exam. Suppose it is also true that he cannot study for both exams (not enough time). Does it follow that Clyde is going to flunk at least one of his exams tomorrow? Yes _____ No ___x__

3. My spoon is dry, and my spoon would be wet if I had stirred my coffee. And I would not have stirred my coffee unless I had put sugar in it. So, I must not have sugared my coffee, right? Yes _____ No __x___

4. In order for an argument to be cogent, its premises must be true. Yes _____ No _x____

5. Police: Sorry, but only people with a special ZZ permit can park here. Driver: Well, since I have a ZZ permit, that means I can park here. Is the driver in the right? Yes _x____ No _____

6. If someone's argument begs the question, it still remains a valid argument. Yes _x____ No _____

7. Mary says she won't sleep with Clyde unless they are married. Clyde agrees to get married. But, on their honeymoon, Mary still refuses to sleep with Clyde. Did Mary break her promise? Yes _____ No __x___

8. Lincoln's famous quotation, "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time," is a cogent argument. Yes __x___ No _____

9. As we all know, spheres cast curved shadows, and the Earth casts a curved shadow on the moon during lunar eclipses. Does this prove that the Earth is spherical? Yes ___x__ No _____

10. The president of IBM certainly has influence. Yet, he was unable to enroll his daughter at Whatsamatta University. Therefore, it is false, as some people have been suggesting, that only persons with influence can get their children enrolled at Whatsamatta U. Yes ___x__ No _____

11. If the truth of statement A implies the falsity of statement B, then the falsity of A implies the truth of B. Yes _____ No __x___

12. Life is meaningless if there is no God. But life is not meaningless. This entails that there must be a God. Yes _____ No _x____