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Understand why communication is important in adult social care settings
Identify different reasons why people communicate
Communication is an important tool when it comes to preforming my job role. Clients communicate for specific reasons and it allows the client to express emotion these can be fear, anger, pain, joy and love. Communication allows the client to express their views and wishes and also allows them to get information across to myself and my colleges. Communication can be a vital component to make a client’s quality of life better this can simply be that they can communicate with me to tell me they are in pain therefore allowing me to deal with the pain in the correct way instead of the client suffering with the pain.
Explain how effective communication affects all aspects of working in adult social care settings
Effective communication is an important factor as it ensures that all information is clear, concise, accurate, non-judgmental and informative. By ensuring that all information follows these guidelines it will reduce the possibility of mistakes being made and will also ensure that the appropriate care is being supplied. It is important that I and others works as a team so that we are all working to achieve the same outcomes and targets.
Explain why it is important to observe individuals reactions when communicating with them
Communication is about more than just talking I can also communicate through facial expressions, body language, position, dress and gestures. It is important to observe a client’s reactions when communicating as it helps give me an understanding of what they are trying to express in the situation. The client’s reactions can show positively or negatively to what I am saying or doing. This can allow me to see the true reaction to situations and can help me to define their needs and will show weather any changes need to be made.
Understand how to meet the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of an individual
Explain why it is important to find out an individual’s communication and language needs, wishes and preferences
It is important to make sure that I am able to communicate with the person that I am supporting and find the best way for them to communicate. Clients can have a wide range of communication needs such as sensory ability, cultural background, language, self-confidence, level of learning ability and physical ability. It is my responsibility to make sure that my communication meets the needs of the clients that I am supporting as I should never expect the person to adjust their communication to fit with mine. The best way to find a client’s communication needs is simply to ask the client as they are the first and best source of information about their needs and the best way for me to meet those needs. Although asking is the best way it is not always possible in these situation I can find communication needs by observing the person or by talking to other colleagues and also talking to family and friends. Colleagues, family and friends that have a big involvement with the person tend to have developed ways of dealing with the communication needs.
Describe a range of communication methods
There is basically two sides of communication verbal and non-verbal but there is lots of different aspects to both of these types of communication. Verbal communication is generally just specking but there is different aspects that I would need to consider these are vocabulary, linguistic tone and pitch I would take these aspects into consideration when someone is hard of hearing as the client may find it easier to hear me when I speck in a different pitch or tone or if the client if more fragile I would look at using a less hard tone or pitch this helps to keep an situation calm. Then there is non-verbal communication this can be written words or visual aids for example flash cards, pictures or symbols or can also be facial expression, eye contact and