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Unit 9
1.1 Duties and responsibilities of own work role
As a support worker I have to work 40 hours per week on shift rota. I work 44 weeks of a year and I am responsible to my House Co-ordinator. In my role I am responsible for supporting the House Co-ordinator with the care of students with special needs within a house community and in implementing the Individual Placement Plans by encouraging and supporting the development of social, educational and emotional abilities of the students. As a support worker I am expected to work effectively within a team and support the House Co-ordinator with the day-to-day running of the house. I am also responsible for the safeguarding and welfare of children and yound adults within my work setting. I also have different duties and responsibilities such as supporting and encouraging students to develop and maintain social relationships within the house community, supporting students in developing independence eg in self-help skills, personal hygiene and household tasks. In addition, supporting and encouraging students to participate in recreational and leisure activities, contributing to students general well-being, health and security. I have to ensure the dignity of each student is respected and upheld.
Further, I assist the House Co-ordinator in household duties, partivipate in planning and reviewing processes, attend staff meetings and briefings, attend relevant internal and external reviews and I also participate in a 5 day residential trip which includes work beyond my normal working hours during this week. Within one year I have to attend at a minimum