She Is In Room 264: A Short Story

Words: 501
Pages: 3

I was in shock when my mom sprang her news on me. My mother was pregnant. My mother and my dad were divorced and this would change my life. I wanted to just pass out because this was sudden. My brother thought it was an April fools prank, but my mom was dead serious. When the big day arrived, I was going to see my baby sister for the first time.

My grandma was taking me and my brother to the hospital where my mom was. The clouds were dull and there was no sun in sight. It took forever to get to the hospital, it felt like we were walking on an endless path. When we finally arrived, it was huge. It had a big lunch place, and the waiting room was vast. We asked a lady at the counter where my mom is. She said, " She is in room 264." We went up