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She Walks in Beauty In She Walks with Beauty the author uses alliteration and metaphor to develop a clear understanding of the story. The author employs alliteration in order to show the women’s beauty. The author says like the night of “Cloudless climes and starry skies” is like the beauty of the women. The author uses the alliteration in order to compare the women’s beauty to the beauty of the night. The author wants readers to really focus on that part so he uses the alliteration. In addition the author uses metaphor to compare the women’s hair to a tree. The author says her hair “waves in every raven tree” saying her hair haves like a tree. The author wants that metaphor to st5and out. The author uses the metaphor to bring out details of her beauty such as her hair. In addition to the devices the author uses the romantic value of glorifying the average person. The author is talking about how beautiful this woman is and how she has a “nameless grace”. Other than her beauty there is nothing that separates her from an average person. She is an average person in society. Similarly the author states that her smile tells “of says in goodness spent”. The author doesn’t know whom this person is but is just astonished by her beauty. She is not an important figure. The author uses different devices to give us a clear understanding of the story. Even though someone is normal in the eyes of society they could be extraordinary in others. The author glorifies the average…