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Adoption form:

Contact Details

First Name:

Email address:

Tel: 04832 847288


Fax: 04832 847290

Year of Birth:

email: Postcode:

Website: Animal To Adoption:


Payment type:
Credit/Debit Card

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I enclose a cheque/postal order made to payable to The WildCare trust
Please debit my MasterCard, Visa, or charity

42-43 Copheap Lane
GU99 7MN


A Little Glimpse Of Our Beautiful

Animal adoption scheme

Our WildCare Trust is based on animals that are endangered and your help will give them food, shelter, medical care ect...

Membership fees are the main source of income, supported by the animal adoption scheme and donations.

If you adopt a small amount of £3.00 to a larger amount of £30 a month that will give the animal of your choice care and joy, you doing this will help this animal dramatically.

Members may choose any animal in the database and adopt it by completing an application form and paying a fee.

The WildCare Trust was set up in 2005 with the aim of saving animals from extinction. We need your membership fees to financially stable our charity.
And to protect the endangered animals in the world. You can see some of these animals on the next side of the page. WildCare plans to develop a database of endangered species which can be downloaded and…