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Shelby Dickerson
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Inquiry and Research

What makes a family? It’s a question that is becoming more and more prevalent with the many different and unique types of families that make up this world. Is a family just a mom and dad? Or can a family be just a mom, just or a dad or maybe two moms or two dads. Who is to say what is right or wrong. There has been much debate on whether same sex couples are fit to be parents. As if their sexual preference is the sole factor in play on parenting. Opponents of gay parenting and adoption often frame their criticisms in terms of what's best for the child without presenting any resounding evidence supporting this claim. Below I hope to dispel the many myths surrounding gay and lesbian parenting and also showcase numerous cases where same sex parents raise successful and well-rounded children. “For the most part, we’re just like any other couple; we have the same ups and downs, we have the same hope to build a future and family together,” says Gary Stein sitting along side his long time partner Jeff Lutes. (Lee) The Lutes-Stein family is one of the many headed by a same-sex couple in Texas. Married in the presence of their three adopted children on the first day that California legalized gay marriages in 2008. (Lee ) The couple are parents to two boys and a daughter, ages fourteen eight and seven. Accompanied with the article is a video of the family going through their daily routine. Gary and Jeff get the kids up for school everyday, make them breakfast and help them with their homework. The couple comments on how extra unordinary their life is. Loving and providing the best possible life for their children is all they strive for. Ignoring the judgments society places on then without even taking a chance to understand or accept their way of life, the Lutes-Stein’s continue to raise their children with unconditional love. Families headed by same sex parents are simply just parents. Similar to their heterosexual counterparts, gay parents strive to provide their kids with all the love and support in the world.

After reading an article published by, my beliefs supporting same sex parenting were even more affirmed. The article is centered on partners June and Jane who are raising twin boys. The couple mentions how normally boring their twins are. Running around the house, destroying everything in sight, having sticky fingered fights and refusing naps everyday are all things boys all around the world do regardless of who’s raising them. The boys have two loving parents which is one more than most kids have. The couples speaks on the stares and comments they get from the outside world, some of it being negative while the majority being curious and positive. Most people wonder how different life will be for the boys and how the absence of a father figure will impact the rest of their lives. “I was concerned it would be hard for my boys not to have a father, and I thought they would be teased by their peers. But I realized they wont have any more difficulties than any other child, all kids get teased and its our job to help them deal with hardships,” say Jane. She has come to the conclusion that all parents have the same issues to deal with, learning to get through things as a family is what matters.

Gays and lesbians rarely become parents by accident, compared with an almost 50 percent accidental pregnancy rate among heterosexuals. (Pappas) Gay males may choose to go through surrogacy to start a family, lesbians may choose for one or both partners to become pregnant. Because of all the hoops the LGBT community has to jump through before even beginning to dream about having a family of their own shows America and the world as a whole how motivated and determined they are to be the best parents possible. Before they begin families, gay and lesbians are already in committed, long lasting relationships and hold steady careers that equip them with the finances to