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The life of a ‘Shelby Mustang’
Classified as High performance ford, Shelby American, the founder of the Shelby Mustang, produced them throughout 1965 up until 1970, following introduction of 5th generation Ford Mustang.
Early Years
Cars were built small and light for high mobility throughout the time period of 1965-1966. The GT350 and GT500 were the Shelby Mustangs, often called cobras, which was the First-Powered AC Based two-seat sports car, which was also manufactured by Shelby American. Both models used the cobra emblem (cobra snake) and a similar paint scheme. All the cars featured the K-Code 271hp with a 4.7L tanks, which was then modified to produce 306hp. Marketing referred to this engine type as the “cobra hi-riser”
The 1965 model GT 350 was not built for comfort or ease of driving, rather the racing aspect. Less than 30 GT350R race-speciality cars were built for competition use under the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) rules. The cars were painter Wimbledon White with Guardsman Blue rocker stripes. 28% of the 562 cars manufactured then had “LeMans” - two racing strips in the middle running the full body length of the car. Total production was 1373 fastbacks, which included four drag cars made especially and two prototypes for trials. Hertz Rental Company ordered 1003 fastbacks. 4 convertibles were also produced. A small number of these models were fitted with Paxton Superchargers, with the option price of $670. The engine was rated 440hp.
Over the years, Ford Shelby models improved significantly in terms of their engine. In 2007 and 2008, the car was assembled in Nevada, as Vegas with a 4.6L and produced a 319hp, with a 5 speed auto or manual transmission. Originally, they only offered the car as a 2 door coupe, but later they released a convertible version. 6000 cars were planned to be built. Other differences from earlier models included the removal of the rear spoiler, and a new retro Shelby good scoop which replaced the CS6/8 Shelby hood and the silver vs. Gold striped. Other colours were available; vista blue, grabber orange or black with red stripes for 2008. The orange was sold
Production Year Curb Weight (lbs.) Horse Power (hp) Torque (ft-lbs.)
2007-2009 3920 500 480
2010 3924 540 510
2011-2012 3820 550 510
2013 3852 662 631 exclusively in California as a coupe and 220 models were produced. With a 6-speed manual it was one of the highest sold cars of the time in America. Due to popularity of the 2007 model Shelby GT-H convertible rental car, Shelby offered the 2008 Shelby GT as a coupe or convertible in limited number. It offered different superchargers and the option of a new engine