Shen Congwen's Short Story 'Xiaoxiao'

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The short story “Xiaoxiao” by Shen Congwen described a rural girl named Xiao Xiao. She was an orphaned at a young ages and had been brought up by her uncle. When Xiaoxiao was eleven, she was sold off to marry her future husband, who was ten years younger, called Little Husband. Since Xiaoxiao was bounded by the local customs, she was married to the boy without any complaints. She lost her freedom when she was married to Little Husband because her only role and responsibility was to babysit her husband. Xiaoxiao was first introduced to the word “coed” when she was teased by her grandfather. Coed was a new ideas of freedom and equality for girls. Xiaoxiao was interested in coed which leaded her to meet Motley Mutt, a farmhand. Motley Mutt was