Shift Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD)

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For my disorder I chose to talk about Shift Work Sleep Disorder or SWSD. This is disorder is the lack of sleep most shift workers often experience due to working during the night compared to during the day like everyone else. This is not experienced by everyone but according to this article 10-40% of shift workers have experienced it once. A way to prevent SWSD is by setting a time at which you will go to bed each night regardless if it is a work night or not. This will allow your body to get into a rhythm and sleep will become more natural. You also want to avoid sunlight which may wake your body up even more. A good trick to help you sleep better is to avoid nicotine, caffeine and alcohol.

I believe that this disordered can also be experienced by a lot a college students. Even though we are not working a physical job in the evenings our busy schedule as college students often limit our ability to get the 7-8 hours a sleep that we need each night. This activities that can take us away from our sleep can include school work or even club that one may be involved in. To help contract this issue students should set a time where they are planning to be done for the night so that they can get a restful night's sleep.
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Another reason behind why it is so important is because without sleep people begin to loose their ability to pay attention in school which can be a bad thing for a college student. I personally believe that college students are affected by this so often because they are not able to plan their time accordingly. Students often admit to procrastinating on assignments and just say they will do it the night before it is due. This tactic not the affects your ability to do your best on an assignment but also makes you more prone to suffer from