Shifting Heart English Assessment Essay

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Shifting Heart English Assessment

Have you ever been judged by your appearance? Or have you ever felt like a total outsider? In the play the shifting heart by Richard Beynon gives the readers a glimpse inside the tough exterior of a social outcast. The shifting heart is a play written in 1957 in Australia by Richard Beynon. The book is an insight of psychology of racism and its victim. Beynon has use a lot of language techniques on this book, some example are stereotypes, language and settings. When I read this book I have realise the meaning of “A lack of tolerance in society can lead to tragedy. In the text Richard Beynon conveys a clear message to express the human and emotional effects of racism. I believe that this book has the important meaning of “A lack of tolerance in society can lead to tragedy”. To prove my point I have read in p.64 ‘in a stage direction where Gino collapses after being beaten at the dance’, “and out of the pause staggering into the light comes Gino”. Which is an example of tolerance into someone that may lead to tragedy. This book has a lot of meaning to society but also in individuals, I believe that the most important meaning is the lack of tolerance in our society and individuals can lead to tragedy. This book represents how an immigrant to Australia can be bullied and not treat the way they should be. I used the character Gino in the book for my example because at some point in the play he went to a dance and when he got home his shirt was torn apart and he also cant walk properly and he has blood everywhere. I think that Gino got hurt because of his differency. The play has represent this meaning in many ways. The author ( Richard Beynon) has uses a lot of detailed stage direction and stereotypes to make this meaning thinkable to readers and understand what it do to the real world. Richard Beynon the writer uses the time frame to contrast and to emphasise the rising tension to formed the structure of this play. Beynon uses Christmas time for his time frame on this book. In my opinion Beynon is showing the audience/reader that some tragedy can happen in one of the happiest days of the year. Beynon also showed that a young innocent boy can lead into tolerance by just being happy in a Christmas. In my perspective Beynon is trying to show the audience/reader tolerance and racism can destroy someone. Beynon used Christmas