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Running header: RAKs paper

Running header: RAKs paper
1. Held door open for someone
2. Held door open for blind man on campus
3. Stayed an extra 3 hours at work for someone because they were having a bad day so they did not have to come in for their shift
4. Got woken up at 5:30 a.m. to go into work for someone who was sick
5. Washed my sisters car for her
6. Went and bought a my best friend a gift because she had a bad week
7. Send my best friend a letter in the mail so she knew I was thinking about her and I missed her very much
8. Wrote bible verses on note cards and put them in peoples time boxes at work
9. Gave a kid one of my T-shirts that I just got at Meet TWC because she liked it
10. Missed two classes to go into work for someone who had to go to the hospital because their grandmother had just got taken to the ER
11. My family bought school clothes for a child in high school that does not have a lot of money
12. Was a ball girl for one of the boys soccer games
13. Spread mulch with the soccer team at a elementary school
14. Was a ball girl at a boys game for a girl who’s family surprised her at the game so she could spend time with them after
15. Gave a woman in front of me in line at Wal-Mart about $5 so she would have enough money to buy all of her groceries
16. Bought the persons food behind me in the drive through at Zaxbys food
17. Donated all of the change in my wallet to a little boys baseball sports team trying to collect money outside the mall
18. Bought my friend a shirt that she really wanted but did not have the money to buy it
19. Gave my sister a pair of my favorite shoes to wear to school one day, even though I knew that