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Students’ feeling are always attached to school days, if you classmate light up with pleasure when you meet him or her in cafeteria, he or she might got a high grade in class moments ago. Nevertheless, distressed expression on his or her face might shows you that she or he just missed class on test day. However, these situation is just largely identical with only minor differences in different college, and I do believe people can have a great day at the Blackwood Campus at Camden county collge. What happens in our college cannot always delight you, sometimes, too much homework and quizzes do disturb me. Desperately, too much homework gets me out of breath, especially in some special situation, such as midterm or final. Sometimes, I just cannot predict how large the quantity of homework is, when I add four or five classes’ work together, it just like a huge mountain of unimaginable altitude that I have no alternative to stride over. Take this semester for example, I am almost out of control at the midterm because of homework and preparation of presentation, tests and quiz. Moreover, homework or test is never a piece of cake, confront of the alternative between “do” and “fail”, I always select the former, nevertheless, requiring deeper comprehension, I am supposed to bury your head into complex text books, otherwise, still fail.
However, what really delights me is homework and tests are never the chief topic in our college, the most simple but pleasant thing, a sweet smile of whomever, can always arouse a sense of enjoyable in my heart on every place I walk through. Personally speaking, my teachers are nice. Undeniable, my teachers really help me a lot, even if I cannot attend in class for some reason or feel drowsy at class which make me miss some significant key points, my teachers can always help me out. In my ESL reading4 class last semester, I missed one important class because of nasty weather, my teacher sent me a email, which contains all important points in class, to help me catch up with schedule. Also, classmates have really harmonious relationship, though we are from different countries from the world of different cultures, mother tongue and color. Honestly, I have never met the situation that prejudice and discrimination pervade in my class, when we have a topic to discuss in groups, we respect everyone’s opinions, and are patience to some classmates whose English pronunciation is not clear enough to tell. Harmony is everywhere in my college, that is one of the reasons I start to love here and believe I can always have a good day.
Another reason why I