Essay on Shoe and Brand Loyalty

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Brand Loyalty
Michael P. Smith
Principles and Theory of Marketing
American Military University Professor Carole Myers
22 September 2013

Brand Loyalty Brand loyalty is when a person will buy products specifically from one company rather than others, on a recurring basis (Tanner & Raymond, 2012). The reasons for which someone one would choose one brand over another could vary based on their own personal preferences. They may like the perceived quality, the looks, taste, feel, etc. Most people will likely have at least one thing that they typically get from one company over any others. For myself, personally, I tend to stay with brands that I have had good luck with in the past as I feel that this is a decent indicator of possible future performance. One brand that I used to primarily utilize, for my running shoes (which I went through a lot of at one point), was Adidas. I can say unequivocally that the shoe called the Supernova Cushion 6 was literally the best running shoe that I had ever worn at that point in my life. Being a little lighter at the time and having more time to dedicate, prior to children, the shoe had what I was looking for: lightweight, flexibility, responsiveness, and great designs (yes I am vain like that). To top this off, the shoes were very competitively priced which really appealed to a broke Airman at the time. Adidas had my trust as most companies that people prefer would likely agree. Adidas, for myself, built this trust by retaining the qualities that I wanted in my products. People gain trust from a company by experiencing great customer service, for example. The customer wants to know that the company will back up their products with full faith and confidence. I would have to say that I would like to think that people should be able to trust companies because we are the ones keeping them afloat. Understandably, a business exists to make a profit. This does not, however, preclude them from respecting and understanding the needs of their consumers. There is the possibility that some consumers would be more prone to loyalty than others. In an extreme case I would say it we be a part of someone's addictive…