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Violated Social Norm My social norm was a day at work for me. I currently work at Verizon Wireless as sales consultants. We have a dress code which is, dress shoes, either black or dark blue, casual button down shirt with a tie, name badge which you wear on your left said. Today I decided to do things a little different instead of the black or brown dress shoes I decided to wear my new pair of nike Foamposite which wear pink and black, that came out the day before which wear now sold out ,A pair of black Levi jeans with a black polo shirt with no tie. I also did not bring my work badge. My hypothesis was that majority of the people around my age 16-25 in-group would think I’m stylish and would think I dressed nice because the shoes I have on is one of the hottest shoes on the market. I also predicted that my two-coworker will like them which is Indian the other is a cushion girl name Liz .The younger women around 20 to mid-twenty will improve of my dress code and the older women ages 50 and older my not. The teenage girls will like it because the style is in and because my shoes are pink and that normal one of women favorite color. The older customers my consider the shoes to be ugly or out of style because they came out along time ago different color know they came back out. I predicted my manager will flip out and probably send me home. My manager is around forty years of age almost my dad age, he may consider my dress code un professional and not acceptable. Also what he consider is fashionable is different from fashion today. So as I arrived to the store, the store was busy it was just me and my Indian coworker it was on a Monday around 11:00 am. My shift was from 11-9 that day. Monday are normally slow we don’t get that much traffic just repeated customers and a lot of bill paying. Traffic does start coming in until about 3 then it slows down picks back up until 6 people start getting off work eight maybe one customer at the most. Today it was three people working today me, my manger(Marcus ), vik(India co-worker) and Liz female coworker age 25.My manger doesn’t get it until about one. So it was just me and my India co-worker until 1. As soon as I walked in my co-worker acknowledge me shook my hands said nice shoes ,that Is a nice color but you know our manager not going to agree with that. MY coworker then ask me where did I get them from so he can possible get a pair. So as time went on we had couple customer come in two young men maybe in the twelve grade in high-school came in the store as soon as they came in before I could greet them and ask what brought them in they both look down at my shoes and ask me to left up my pants leg so they can see my shoes. As I left up my pants leg they both where amused and said they were about to get them but they wear sold out .Then ask me did I want to sell them. After that conversation I finally help them out with what they where in the store for which was to get cases for their phone. Next , their was two couples come in older cacashion couple around earlier sixties. They came in to pay their their bill. They have been in a few times but Liz normally always assist them. As I assisted them with a payment I overheard the men ask his wife why am I wearing tennis shoes at work and everybody else have a dress shoe it always black people who do ignorant stuff ,that another reason I hate black people. Before even knowing me the men stereotyping and also was prejudice towards me. In chapter 15 we talk about prejudice which is any negative attitude towards a certain race or ethnicity. Then after the couple left came along a young lady with her boyfriend which was around 23 -24 and her boyfriend who was around 35. She came in the store to upgrade her device, while she was upgrade she looked down at my shoes and said those are cute. Her boyfriend comment and said I’m sorry I just can’t wear any pick shoes. Then the girl comment said, right “they would only be cute on