Essay Shoes: Wear and Sunshine Departmental Store

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Statement of Intention:
My intention for this writing piece was to write a story based on the moral, ‘God helps those who help others’. I used imagery to try and Capture the different moods throughout the story. I used idioms and dialogues in this story to show how the characters expressed themselves. My audience is VCE students and the wider school community and the purpose of my story is to show that if you help other people with a good intention, people will help you.
It was too good to be true! Sunshine Departmental Store was holding their pre-Christmas sale. What was of even greater attraction to me was that among the items listed as being on offer, were the Clark suede shoes that I had been eyeing for the past six months, I felt over the moon. All I had to pay was $79.90 and they would be mine. As soon as I read the news, I knew exactly what I had to do: withdrew every cent from my bank account and run to Sunshine Departmental Store. I looked around for my worn out pair of shoes; I had planned to wear them to sunshine, discard them and return home in triumph wearing my Clark suede shoes. I was annoyed as they were nowhere to be found, so I slipped on my sandals instead.
Despite knowing that there would be a large crowd, I did not expect such a large turnout at the store. With a sigh, I inched my way to the men’s department. For some reason, everyone seemed to be going in the same direction. My heartbeat faster and faster as I approached the shoes section. What if they were all sold out? As soon as I could see the shelves, I was filled with despondency. There were only a few pairs left. I could see the remaining pairs flying of the shelves right before my eyes. I was aghast. I prayed at least one pair would be left for me. Merciful heavens! My prayers were answered. One pair was left. I dashed forward and grabbed the shoes triumphantly. I felt like I was on the seventh heaven. I felt doing a victorious dance, like I had just won a continent. Just then I heard a loud sigh of frustration behind me and saw a pretty woman looking forlorn. I did not care; it was survival of the fittest. I had won! Sorry lady. I slipped on the pair to feel the fit. Drat! They were a size too big. I did not care; I had worn long shoes before. All I had to do was stuff in a pair of socks; no one would know. I cast a glance at the disappointed lady; apparently hoping I